Härth- McLean, VA. Lunch


Located in the very chicly designed Hilton Hotel in Tysons, Härth is adorned with many gas fires encased in glass, a bright, new age look, and boasts an atmosphere of modern clean lines and designs. All wines at lunch are $8 a glass which was nice but ordering one seemed to be a challenge as our waiter was a bit past his prime. The mushroom flatbread was done well- nice crisp crust but nothing out of the ordinary since the chef seemed to decide to add these flatbreads on to his menu like EVERYONE else in the area. But, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry. I ordered the chicken pesto sandwich that consisted of about 20% chicken vs. 80% bread while I sat drooling over what my guest ordered- the porchetta which came piled high in a delicious caper sauce. Fortunately I got a couple bites as I desperately tried to eat the half way decent potato chips on my plate. She took the unfinished half of her meal home and sadly, mine wasn’t worth the box they would pack it in. This place seems to be good for corporate gatherings or perhaps an after work drink, but outside of being in walking distance M-F, I will not be spending my gas money to get there any other time.

Coat Check:  ?

Valet:  Yes

Price:  $$

Stars: 3


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